Caroline Maxwell   BSC MBA QTLS MSocInd(Adv)

Commissioning an Index

Contact me to check my availability and for an estimate of what I would charge for a project. The following information will help me:

  • Subject matter of the text
  • Length of the text
  • Planned timescales
  • A sample of the text
  • Intended readership
  • Any special features (such as maps or potential problem areas)
  • Delivery format for the final index

I use Sky Indexing Software and can provide the index as a Word or rtf document.  Other formats are also possible. Contact me to discuss your requirements.


I will provide an estimate for creating the index, based on the details you have supplied and the Society of Indexers’ recommended rates which are:

£25.50 /hr
£7.70 /1000 words (January 2018)

The Society of Indexers gives some useful guidance for editors and authors Last But Not Least: A Guide for Editors Commissioning Indexes

More books I have indexed:

Working with Venues for Events by Emma Nolan (Routledge, 2018)

Voice: Onstage and Off by R. Barton and R. dal Vera (Routledge, 2017)

The Left’s Jewish Problem by Dave Rich (Biteback Publishing, 2016)

Credible and True by K Harvey Proctor (Biteback Publishing, 2016)

Company Confessions by Christopher Moran (Biteback Publishing, 2015)

Jane Austen.  The Banker's Sister by E. J. Clery (Biteback Publishing, 2017)

From Colonial Warrior to Western Front Flyer by Carole McEntee-Taylor (Pen & Sword, 2015)

Suffolk Lace and the Lacemakers of Eye by Nicky Höwener-Townsend (the author, 2009)